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It is our pleasure to provide our patients with registered massage therapy services for their relaxation and rehabilitation. Our comfortable and inviting environment promotes healing and you can be assured that all of our massage therapists are fully licensed with College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, have completed 2200 hours of training, have passed comprehensive exams, strictly adhere to the Regulated Health Professionals act and maintain liability insurance. This service is covered by most Extended Health Care Plans and is, therefore, an excellent option for clients looking to enhance their rehabilitation process or those who simply need some relaxation.

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Our therapists are skilled in addressing a variety of conditions including (but not limited to) the following:


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Top Questions about Registered Massage Therapy

It is recommended to have a light meal at least 90 minutes before your massage appointment.

It takes time for the body to digest your food. You would exercise the same prudence when swimming or working out. The process of digesting concentrates blood flow on the digestive system and diverts it away from your peripheral tissues. Massage causes poor digestion and potential discomfort by diverting blood away from the digestive tract and onto the tissues in the area being worked on.

Tell your therapist how at ease you are. Working on a client who is dressed is doable. It is recommended to apply oil or lotion directly to the skin. Regardless, massage You must be covered or draped by the therapist, leaving only the area they are working on exposed. So selecting wear your clothes is acceptable, pack clothes that you can get oil on like a swimming suit or shorts and a tank top.

You may create a treatment plan that suits your lifestyle and physical needs by consulting with your massage therapist. Your massage therapist is a member of your team who assists with healing, rejuvenation, and maintaining your health.