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Orthotics isn’t just for your grandpa, and could actually be the missing piece to your pain puzzle. The structure of your foot supports your entire weight and even the slightest misalignment of muscle and bone can cause excruciating and chronic pain throughout your whole body. If you are experiencing localize foot pain; bunions or hammertoe; arch and heel pain; leg and knee pain; or hip and back pain you should seriously consider custom orthotics.

We custom make orthotics to meet the exact specifications of your foot. Working much like braces, the orthotic provides constant, gentle pressure to align your foot’s muscles and bones. They slip easily into shoes and are barely noticeable, being formed to match your foot. By using orthotics you bring added balance and alignment to your overall body, relieves pain, fatigue, and tension, and improves your gait and stability. Don’t suffer from unnecessary pain; make your custom orthotics with us today!

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Custom Orthotics

Absolutely! We advise you to break in your orthotics gradually by starting with a wearing period of 1-2 hours and progressively increasing it throughout the day. The orthotic kit you receive will also contain a more thorough wearing guidance.

Although your orthotic may be transferred from shoe to shoe, certain shoes will be more suited for it than others depending on the shoe design.

Many of our clients have successfully used their Extended Health Benefits and/or Health Spending Accounts to pay for Custom Orthotics (HSA).

Different custom orthotics are covered differently by every insurance company. For information on your plan’s particular needs, we advise you to speak with your provider immediately.